I’ve heard that you can learn a lot about somebody based on the kinds of books and movies they like.

Here are my most memorable books and documentaries

One of the best biographies I've read, great lessons to be learned regarding leadership, finance, investing and life.
While not the panacea it claims to be, the thought process and techniques have staying power
This is a great book about disruptive technologies and how companies must adapt to the ever changing markets. Quite motivational for the entrepreneurial type!
Finally a book that brings together all of the various issues within the United States from global and domestic perspectives. While it has some flaws and meanders a bit, I still feel that every American should read this book for a sobering perspective.
I'm a huge fan of Dr. Fuhrman, this book was the first of many to put me on the path towards better health - permanently.
I watch this whenever I need to rekindle my entrepreneurial spirit, great movie!
Every single engineer/manager in the technology industry MUST watch this interview!
One of the best self-organization books I've read. I use David's techniques every single day personally and professionally.
This was great because it applied the broader TPS system specifically to leading engineering and manufacturing teams.
My eating habits and nutritional lifestyle changed forever after watching this documentary in 2009. It was the first of many many books/movies on the subject of clean eating.
A great reference book for being as healthy as possible
The easiest and fastest way to understand the basics of financial statements
If you need to write technical documents or otherwise, this book is your perfect guide to perfection.
Wow what a great book to read, to just relax and soak up these wonderful letters. I hope one day to be able to write these kinds of letters to my grandchildren.
This book was interesting, teaches a lot about interpersonal skills.
I got on a kick learning about how eyes work, while I was studying neural networks. Fascinating book with practical experiments you can perform on yourself to witness the eye's inner workings first hand.
This is a classic book that every budding investment banker reads. Really fun read while on vacation. It's so interesting because it's a completely true story about the roller coaster ride of a true stock speculator.
Where else can you tap into the minds of some of our most greatest leaders all in one book? Bottom line: Have lots of customers and get only the best employees (kind of obvious but hard to execute)
For a while I was trying to be an expert witness using my PE license. This was a great introduction to the legal aspects of the engineering world.
I read this 15 years ago while on my honeymoon (ouch). Professor Feynman is prolific, and this was a very interesting read.
This book was quite interesting. Very strange but though provoking. If the patterns of history really do repeat themselves with certainty, we're all in a bit of trouble!
Classic book that's a bit tough to get through but worth it.
This classic book is a must read for those trying to build a business in a competitive marketplace (which is pretty much any marketplace!). I will admit it's dry at times and hard to read cover to cover, but it was worth the effort.
This little book is a must read for any value investor. I use his techniques personally, and I even invested in his fund.
Great true story about a local restaurateur. I spent my fair share of time at the OBI so I enjoyed this book.
A classic book about wealth in America. One of the first books I read on this topic way back in the 90's.
A very enlightening documentary about nutritional health
While I don't believe the sky is falling as much as these guys do, I still feel that everybody in our country should watch this movie to understand the severity of our financial follies.
Another good food documentary
An easy read that does an excellent job explaining the value in embracing change rather than fighting it.
I read this book just as Symbol Technologies was ramping up outsourcing to Asia and India. It's does a great job providing a global perspective about the technology industry worldwide.
The definitive book on value investing. To be honest I have trouble getting through it all, but certain chapters I re-read every 6 months!
This classic book stands the test of time.
A unique way to view the physical connection between our brains and our moods/behaviors. I would love to get a scan!
I'm a pretty strong type-A person, and this book was useful but a little dry even for me.
Pretty good step by step guide to this little-known method of real estate investing. I went to a few auctions and it's hard to find the needles in the haystack however.
I wanted to really enjoy this book but just couldn't get there. Great opening concepts and lots of good advice on how to lead a creative organization, but I just didn't learn too much.
This book absolutely changed the way I view money and business, and is credited with motivating me to try my own business ventures. However, it oversimplifies most topics and is probably a disservice to most readers.