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Professional Engineer Magazine recently referenced this 1922 chart “Essential Qualities of an Executive.”

For starters, some of the words here definitely sound odd in 2013 – e.g. does anyone still use the word ‘industry’ to describe perseverance? Also, an exhaustive online search yielded not one definition for ‘domination of will’ but it sounds kind of scary. Maybe they meant ‘persuasiveness’. But weird words notwithstanding, the importance of exhibiting the above listed qualities in the workplace still rings true — even 90+ years later. One thing that has changed since 1922 is that these qualities are now required of all professionals, not just executives.

It’s fun to consider the list and reflect on how we think we stack up to it as individuals. For services companies and consultants, it’s even more important to understand how your entire organization stands this test of quality. Whether you’re a product design firm, law firm or a cleaning company, if your products are your people and the services they provide, then these qualities must always be evident individually and collectively. At my company IPS we continually hold ourselves to these standards in our behavior towards each other and towards everyone we encounter outside the company.

In 1922, the Professional Engineers were encouraged to ‘Study this table for suggestions’. How do you and your company strive to maintain these “Essential Qualities”?

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